Call for Papers

Journal of Applied Business Information Systems invites submission of original research papers, study cases, surveys and tutorial papers. The deadlines for paper submission and the next issues topics are as follows:

  • Volume 4, Issue 1, 30 March 2013
    • Issue topic: Collaborative Support for Business Information Systems
    • Submission deadline: 20 of March 2013
  • Volume 4, Issue 2, 30 June 2013
    • Issue topic: Cloud Computing and Business Applications
    • Submission deadline: 20 of May 2013
  • Volume 4, Issue 3, 30 September 2013
    • Issue topic: Smart Support Systems for Business and Social Environments
    • Submission deadline: 12 of August 2013
  • Volume 4, Issue 4, 30 December 2013
    • Issue topic: Sentiment Analysis Support Systems
    • Submission deadline: 11 of November 2013

Having a topic for each issue, does not automatically mean that we will reject papers that do not totally match the announced topic. We will give higher publishing priority to papers that match the topic. Other papers may be also accepted and published in the same issue or a later issue.